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LED Lighting Controls

Maximize Your Energy Rebates and Savings with LED Lighting Controls

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No matter what you need a lighting control system for, be it managing the amount of lighting output, occupancy sensing, scheduling for the time of day, or adjustments based on the amount of daylight available to a specific area, lighting controls can help you save on your energy costs and increase the lifespan of your LED lights. 

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LED Lighting Controls Give You Flexibility, Control, and Help You Realize a Cost Savings Each Month

Being able to control and adjust your lighting systems at your fingertips can significantly benefit your commercial or industrial building. LED lights are preferred because they are so easy to control, which is why a large number of businesses are making the jump to LED lighting. These efficient control systems allow you to wirelessly monitor your company’s light usage easily and may include dimming systems, motion sensors, and occupancy sensors. They also set you up for greater flexibility if your building’s needs change, and can allow you to configure your lighting system in different ways when necessary. Making adjustments to your lighting system can be done with the simple push of a button.

Because these systems increase energy efficiency, energy companies offer significant rebates to offset the cost of installing them in your commercial or industrial buildings. Take the first step toward installing your LED lighting control system and saving money by contacting Energy Specialties Group today! 

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